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How Tanzanian singer Mr Nice move to Kenya flopped

Former rapper DNA has opened up on the losses fallen Grand Pa Record label had to incur when it signed Tanzanian musician Lucas Makenda, aka Mr Nice.

That was the era when the once-popular bongo flava star was the talk of the region.

He had hit the airwaves with tracks like Kikulacho and Kidalipo.

So big was Mr Nice at the height of his music career that he had to relocate to Kenya where he was more popular compared to his native Tanzania.

His relocation to Nairobi was engineered by former Reffigah who owned Grand Pa Record.

Working closely with DNA whose music career was also at its peak at the time, the rapper says he and Refiggah hoped they would make a lot of money with the signing of Mr Nice.

Unfortunately, their gamble and investment injected on Mr Nice didn’t pay off.

“Working with Mr Nice was one of the most insane periods of my life. Mr Nice is a movement; he is something else. By this time, we are bringing him to Kenya he has never done any collabo in his career. I was the first person who ever did a collabo with him, we did Tafuta,” DNA recounts.

Whereas he enjoyed working with Mr Nice creatively because of his bubbly and lively personality, it was difficult working with him to achieve a business target, DNA says.

“We started writing songs and producing with Mr Nice, got him a crib (rental house) in Uthiru, he had a driver, everything he needed, we ensured we set him nicely like Mr Nice. But he is not one of those people you can tell what to do, it wasn’t easy to work with him. He just does his own things as to how and when he wants to do them. He wasn’t used to the label system, he had been an independent artiste and became a big artiste so it wasn’t east to direct him so the investment didn’t work out. It lasted for about a year,” DNA discloses.

However during that period DNA confesses that they landed a lot of shows courtesy of Mr Nice wave at the time.

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