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How to approach a beautiful lady in a Kenyan matatu

The morning and evening rush hours are probably among the worst times for most city commuters who are forced to spend hours on the road due to Nairobi’s infamous traffic.

But apart from the long and tedious ride home, Kenya’s public transport vehicles, commonly referred to as matatus, appear to have a positive side, including acting as the spot where a number of relationships are established.

It is for this reason that a netizen sought the wisdom of others on social media, with a request on how a person is able to strike a conversation with a beautiful girl in a matatu while under the scrutiny and earshot of other passengers.

“Huwa mnaanza aje conversation na dem mrembo kwa mat (how do you start a conversation with a beautiful lady in a matatu)?” asked one online user.

Other members of the private Facebook group joined in to share their views.

“Unasema tu, “Hii kenya haki”…. Mtaongea hadi mfike bagamoyo,” said one online user.

“Not until ashaamlipa Konda pesa za fare. Ukianza before that ni masishi bro!” suggested one online user.

“Ni chizi wangu fulani so me humtext kwanza namshow niko next to queen fulan so call me pretending like we’re in an official business deal, so Mara that call then naanza Ku flow ngoso huku converse ikiwa business deals within east Africa,,,Mara that hata sijuagi vile naanza converse na uyo dem,,,in fact hii trick imework 3times for me,” wrote one online user.

“Huyu dere anaendesha gari aje nikama amebeba maiti kwani anajua NIMEKUKUFIA,” commented another online user.

“Me; madam can’t you just free me??

Her: How now, what have I done?

Me: Must this beauty of yours arrest my heart and lock me up this much.

Her: Smiles

Me: That sexy smile has succeeded in sentencing me to a life imprisonment. Guess what, am not complaining anymore. Detain me forever,” stated another online user.

“Nifungue dirisha ama nifungue roho? “…. This works all the time,” said one online user.

“After kila mtu amelipa fare .. “Hii njia inakuanga na jam sana at least leo inapitika” wrote another online user.

“Na hizi bumps zote naweza teleza niingie kwa roho yako,” said one online user.

“Excuse me,nakuuliza uliumia sana ulipoanguka kutoka mbinguni,” remarked another online user.