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How to avoid being financially conned with this popular WhatsApp scam

By Winnie Mabel October 15th, 2022 2 min read

A Kenyan Tik Toker by the name of Llewellyn Ouya took to the platform to inform and warn his followers about a popular WhatsApp scam and how people can avoid being scammed.

“This is how people are being scammed on WhatsApp. You are sent a message that says a company wants to hire you to market them through your WhatsApp status.

They say that if you post on your WhatsApp status, you will be paid Sh 25 per view.

They first ask you to pay a registration fee of Sh 350 so that you can begin working with them. After you pay the registration fee, they block you. Be very careful,” Ouya warned his viewers in a video seen by Nairobi News on October 12.

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Many took to his comment section to reveal they had been scammed with what Ouya had exposed in the Tik Tok video as one revealed he lost Sh 15,000 in various scams.

“Woi, usinikumbushe, nilioshwa Sh 1600,” said Mishii Mishel.

“Walinicon, I still have the lady’s number,” added Jent.

“Same thing happened to me,” laughed Mike Kristine Angana.

“Someone tried to recommend me,” said Jokendellymasquez.

“Got one two days ago, kublock na kudelete immediately,” added Blanko 10.

“Kama WhatsApp imefikiwa, sasa hakuna mahali tuko safe kabisa, Wah,” said Light.

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Ouya returned to his Tik Tok to later reveal that scammers had allegedly ganged up against him for revealing how they went about conning people.

“So apparently, scammers are uniting against me because I have been exposing them and telling people the truth about how they are stealing from unsuspecting marks.

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From some online shady platforms, some fake online shops, some fake pastors- you guys are conning Kenyans left, right and centre.

And when I come here and do a video, you send your agents to come and speak insults in the comment sections, to come and report; and convince people that I am lying.

Some of you are even DMing me on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram; and even calling me with threats and many stories.

But you know what you are doing. You are scamming, conning and stealing from people and I will not keep quiet as long as you are stealing from people, I will be there to expose you,” said Ouya.

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