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How to break up this Christmas without ruining festivities

By MWENDE KASUJJA December 25th, 2017 1 min read

Do not be that scumbag that keeps postponing an impending break up just because its Christmas.

Trust me, it better not to waste your partner’s time in the name of waiting for the holiday season to end.

There are ways you can break up and not crash each other’s world while at it.

1. Set the stage
Never pull off a surprise break up, its damaging and inhuman. Communicate your dislikes early enough and give your partner a chance to think it through before pulling the break up card.

2. Do it in person
Set up a face to face meet up and communicate your fears and decision. It may sound cruel but trust me, its way better than a break up text or call just when one was getting ready to surprise you for Christmas.

3. Communicate on way forward
If there are boundaries you need to set like whether one should send a Merry Christmas message or not just make it clear. Do not leave one hanging on how to behave after the break up. It may make your partner look stupid for trying to be nice.

4. Give reasons
There nothing as depressing as never getting to know what you did wrong in a relationship. Being Christmas, the effect will be low self-esteem during those parties. Some may end up sulking the whole damn holiday just because you never broke it down. While at it, don’t forget to compliment what they did well.

5. Don’t cling
I know it can be tempting to hold on or act like all is well especially during the family gathering. It’s toxic. Just let go of a broken relationship and use the festivities to meet new people and you might be surprised at what lies ahead of you in the coming year.