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How to conquer a single mum’s heart

Single mothers make great wives, but dating them comes with unique complications.


From the beginning the man must appreciate that the child will be at the centre of the relationship.

Bringing up the child as a single mother has come with fulfilling experiences but also some challenging moments. As such, the child means the world to her.

If you want to win her you need to appreciate the child and show unconditional love.

Loving the mother isn’t enough, if you don’t love her child. One would say: the way to a single mother’s heart is through loving her child.


Secondly, the baby will influence a lot of the decisions that the mother makes, from the simple to the crucial ones.

She might turn down that Saturday lunch date because she has to take her son for swimming or piano lessons. There are times she might show up for the date with her son since her plan to drop her at her friend’s house flopped.

More critical, accepting your marriage proposal will greatly depend on what she feels about your relationship with her child.

If she has doubts that you will accept her baby and love them unconditionally, then chances of saying No are high.

The baggage of the baby daddy is not something you can wish away. For those who receive court ordered child support, there will always be a regular contact with the father, unless you two agree to cut it off.

In the case where the child’s father has a healthy relationship with his child then you have to appreciate that the man will always be around.

Your biggest difficulty will be how to be a father figure to a child who already has a healthy relationship with his biological dad.


Thirdly, when you date a single mother you will have to deal with hang-ups of her past. She knows how it feels to be betrayed and isn’t ready to get hurt again.

She can easily identify the signs of a relationship heading south and will do everything to protect herself.

Most of them will take time before committing because they want to be a little surer than they were the last time they were betrayed.

You will need to be more patient with her and more assuring of your love. Unfulfilled promises are a no-no, they remind her of the past.

Looking at these complications, dating a single mother isn’t easy. On the flip side, single mothers have many good qualities that make them great wives.

From their experiences most of them are hardworking, more mature, great home keepers and clear of what they want in life.

Therefore, when you find a good woman, don’t let the fact that she has a child from another relationship stop you from dating her. At the end of the day, no relationship is easier, it all takes resolve and commitment.