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How to get into Benny Hinn’s Nairobi mega crusade

In anticipation of globally acclaimed evangelist Pastor Benny Hinn’s transformative crusade in Nairobi, Kenya, a buzz has surrounded the event’s registration process.

While the two-day event at Nyayo Stadium on February 24th and 25th, 2024, promises free entry, a closer look at the registration process reveals a subtle encouragement for donations on the official Benny Hinn Ministries website.

The website states, “In-Person registration is FREE and on a First Come First Served basis.”

However, as participants register for the crusade to obtain tickets, they are informed that the event is free but are encouraged to make donations.

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The website emphasizes the importance of immediate support, stating, “Did you know that almost every single Benny Hinn Ministries event is completely free and open to the public? Each year the cost of these events increases significantly. Without your immediate support, this cannot be sustained. Be a vital part of these historic services.”

The website further describes the upcoming crusade as a transformative experience where worship, the good news, and miracles interweave by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It reinforces that this is not merely an event but a personal invitation to a profound spiritual encounter.

The revelation about Pastor Benny Hinn’s visit to Nairobi came to light when he shared details of his meeting with Kenya’s First Lady, Rachel Ruto.

During one of his preachings, Pastor Hinn disclosed that Mama Rachel, along with her team, traveled to Orlando, Florida, to invite him for a nationwide government-sponsored crusade in Nairobi personally.

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“The First Lady of Kenya flew from Nairobi with her team, just for one reason; to ask me to come back to Nairobi for a nationwide government-sponsored crusade,” Hinn shared during his sermon.

The unexpected invitation took the preacher by surprise, as he mentioned that such an experience had only occurred previously in Papua New Guinea. The First Lady, accompanied by Ugandan preacher Robert Kayanja, expressed the desire for joint crusades in both Kenya and Uganda, with plans for two crusades in each country.

However, amid the anticipation for the crusade, controversy arose when Pastor Nganga spoke out about being asked to donate Sh1 million to fund Benny Hinn’s event.

Pastor Nganga dismissed the request as a scam, saying, “We will honour Benny Hinn with offerings, but coming to me to say that we need to contribute Sh 1 million to prepare for his meeting is stealing using the name of God’s servant.”

Ng’ang’a did not disclose the identity of the preachers involved but expressed his disapproval of their actions.