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How to grow your business using the new Facebook ‘page’

Facebook has added features that could help small businesses grow.

The giant social network said on Tuesday last week that the features will make it easier for businesses that maintain ‘pages’ on Facebook to get noticed by consumers, especially on mobile devices.

Businesses could use the new platform to advertise their services while enhancing their interaction with customers.

Though Facebook targets to boost its revenue through the new additions, the new features give Kenyan entrepreneurs a chance to grow their businesses.


The new Facebook business page now looks more of a website.

“We will not stop till all small businesses start using it to grow their business,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a statement.

“The strategy is now to turn business pages into a complete mobile presence solution for small and medium-sized businesses.”

Facebook says small businesses will find the new features preferable to building their own applications and websites.

The new features include a bigger and more prominent call-to-action buttons. This comes in handy when a consumer views the business page and wants to book an appointment, browse an online shop or new product sections.

There are also new tabs on mobile devices that allow people to find information very fast on the site.


Businesses now have the advantage of call-to-action buttons, improved page layout and mobile update for business profiles.

“We have tested several new call-to-action buttons on mobile including ‘call now’, ‘send message’, ‘contact us’, making it easier for people and businesses to connect directly,” said Facebook.

New businesses can also connect with customers using the new additions. For instance, business owners can follow up Facebook posts and reply with a private message to meet the customer’s demand.

In the new arrangement businesses that respond within at least five minutes will be awarded a badge making them stand out.

The plan targets 45 million small businesses on Facebook who have been trying to connect with customers using the site.

The pages also feature key information such as hours of operation.

Now Facebook wants businesses to make their pages a choice online destination for consumers.


Google also has an arrangement that encourage businesses to sell their ideas for free, connecting local businesses with potential buyers within and in foreign regions.

The social media giants are competing for loyalty. They are also eyeing billions of shillings that small businesses set aside for advertising.

The advantage of the new Facebook changes is that if you are an entrepreneur, whatever the size of your businesses, the doors are open for you to get global marketing.

Facebook plans to reach every business, whether a plumbing company, a flower shop, a nonprofit business or a brand.

Facebook added that the pages are now designed to represent a company’s image with the information that people look for. This, the firm says, helps businesses communicate with their customers and support their unique goals.

The social media giant wants to connect the marginalised areas in Africa. Statistics by Facebook show that there is still room for growth in the region.

More than 2.2 million people are actively using Facebook daily in Kenya, 7.1 million in Nigeria and South Africa has over 7.3 million active daily users.