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How to know if someone is listening in on your phone calls

The preference between making phone calls and messaging can vary among individuals based on personal preferences, circumstances and the nature of the communication.

Phone calls offer real-time communication which can be beneficial in situations where immediate feedback or clarification is needed. They also allow individuals to hear tone of voice, inflection and other vocal cues from the person they are talking to and this can aid in conveying emotions and intentions more accurately than text messages.

Phone calls can provide a more personal and intimate form of communication. Hearing someone’s voice and engaging in a conversation in real-time can create a stronger sense of connection, especially for important or sensitive discussions. They can also allow individuals to multitask while communicating.

So picture this, you just heard that Nicki Minaj is coming to Kenya and you and your friend are huge fans. You are in favor of stanning Ms Minaj over a phone call with your best friend as opposed to messaging which will tire you out fast. And in the middle of the conversation, you get this feeling that someone else is on the call with you and your friend. Is it the government? Is it your employer? Could it be a stalker? Or the telecom company?

So here are four ways in which you can tell if someone is listening in on your phone call and what you can do about it.

Strange background noises – The first hint , according to globally renowned after service customer care Carlcare, will be unusual or strange background noises such as high pitched humming or pulsating static. This might originate from malicious apps on your Android phone through which hackers keep tabs on your calls.

Battery getting drained – The second and third hints are if your phone battery keeps getting drained or hot often due to spyware activity on your phone. Increased internet data usage will also be noted as the spyware monitors activities on apps that require the internet to function.

Long time to shut down – The fourth hint one is if you notice your phone takes a long time to shut down, it may mean that your phone is being monitored and calls tapped.

According to TikToker geekgeniuse, to find out if someone is listening in on your phone calls, dial *#21# and in the menu that appears after dialing this USSD, everything should read disabled.

These include voice forwarding, data call forwarding, fax call forwarding and SMS call forwarding. If any of them read enabled and you did not personally enable them, it means your phone is being monitored by someone else and you must go to your phone settings and disable them.

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