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How to know she is a Kienyeji wife

If you have been keeping up with some of the local social trends then you might have come across the term Kienyeji Wife.

The phrase mostly became a sensation when gospel singer Daddy Owen revealed that he was thinking of remarrying.

Owen separated from his wife three years ago. During an interview with Nairobi News he revealed that his mother was bothered by his walking alone around his home and even told him to hire someone if the worst came to the worst.

“It’s the reason why I’m always frequently visiting and running projects in the village. I want to get a woman from there. I do not want to date someone who is born in the town,” he said.

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Among the requirements he will be looking for in the woman include, them being a serious woman to date and marry, a dark-skinned woman and being very prayerful.

Also, she must be a Kienyeji wife which simply is a person who has lived a sheltered life away from technology and the city, or in other words, it means a village girl.

But what exactly characterizes a woman to be categorised as a Kienyeji wife?

This is the question Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have been answering after one netizen asked the question.

“Ulijua aje ni kienyeji?” @atmwaks asked.

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This is what KOT had to say.

“Alinishow sula yako inakaa poa…nikamuuliza sula ni nini akasema your Fence looks good. Nikamuuliza fence ni nini akasema uzo,” @MLAKIMSOO said.

“There’s this time we went kwa restaurant then she ordered hen I never felt so embarrassed in my whole life…tulitoka hapo sijawahi mtext tena,” @kababazi wrote.

“Time nilimtext ‘am traveling’akanijibu ‘Shine on your way’,” @Mikwara27 tweeted.

“Aliita lyrics subtitles,” @TeDanzo said.

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“Aliniuliza aninunulie Nini,,nikamwambia anikujie na kanusu akakuja na nyama,” @thee_classic said.

“Alitafuna chocolate,” @General_wa_UoE said.

“Aliniambia anaishi building inaitwa ‘To let’,” @MboyaFelix_Des said.

“Juzi tu alifua socks akakausha na pasi,” @tea said.

“Nilimletabkejani akaniuliza mbona Niko na speaker za kanisa kwangu….niliweka volume 5 dame karibu asimamie kwa gate ya ploti,” @Ras_Georges said.

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