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How to look boot-i-licious in the cold weather

Cold days lie in wait as we march on through the year. June and July are months marked by fairly low temperatures, making the season the official Kenyan winter.

It sometimes gets hard to choose between looking frumpy but feeling warm, and the ‘freeze and shine’ style option, but this season, looking good and staying warm is the best choice, especially with a gorgeous pair of boots.

Available in different kinds of texture and design, the right pair of boots can take you from the workplace to an after-work do effortlessly.

For a timeless look that’s great at and after work, a pair of riding boots paired with a blazer, scarf and shirt will do.

Remember to keep boots clean for a well put together look. Even though they may be equestrian boots, you need not look like you rode to work on a horse!

If you opt for a pair of boots that have a striking colour or detail work, then keep the rest of your outfit simple and neutral to set off the boots.

For instance, if you choose to wear a pair of purple boots, then keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Try not to match the colour of your boots with your outfit – only Power Puff Girls can pull that off!

Neutral colours such as tan, white, black and brown are your best bet when investing in boots because they are more likely to pair up better with more items in your wardrobe, than say, a pair of turquoise boots.

If you settle on boots that have fuzz, fur or faux-fur, then keep the rest of the outfit simple. Don’t try and match it with your jacket or anything else in your wardrobe that’s got fur! Remember you are aiming for a look that is stylish, not sheepish.


If you are looking for sleek lines when dressed in boots, then opt for jeggings or leggings. They do not bunch up at the bottom, making them easy to tuck into boots.

Leggings are also a good option when wearing thigh-high boots. If you wish to wear jeans with boots, then select skinny jeans, they are far easier to tuck into boots than wide bottom jeans.

If you must wear jeans and boots, then opt for booties which are a stylish option to riding boots. Booties usually come up to your ankle and you can choose between different heel shapes and heights.