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How to nail the tricky money question in job interviews, according to KOT

After years of tarmacking getting called for an interview often provides a ray of hope for any job-seekers. But according to some Kenyans, oftentimes this is just the beginning of many more hurdles in job-hunting, one being the job interview.

By themselves, job interviews can sometimes be very intimidating with questions that can even catch the most prepared candidate off guard.

One particular question that many job seekers struggle with during interviews is how much they want to be paid if offered the job.

This is the question a netizen asked online seeking the advice from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).

“Kwa interview wakikuuliza ‘How much do you want us to pay you?’… Unafaa kusemaje?” @WaruiJohn2 tweeted.

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Below are some of the responses by KOT.

“Based on the value that am looking forward to add to your organisation, a range of 100k to 125k PM is comfortable with me. However, I’m open to adjustments upwards or downwards based on revenue that this company is making monthly,” @SamajoLimited said.

“I was once asked the same mimi na ujinga yangu I said 30k huyo HR Akacheka then akasema nitakuwa nalipwa 50k… imagine what was offered was 150k a difference of 100k mtu anapocket…. from that moment sitawahi jikoroga,” @danieLmurunda wrote.

“Give a range… as HR we’ll always use that to negotiate the salary with you. If it’s too high, we’ll give you our budget so that you can decide whether you still want to go ahead with the offer. If you quoted less, then you’ll be given a higher figure that matches the salary scale,” @mercy_kabutu said.

“A sustainable salary that will boost my day to day living style,” @sully_Dully said.

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“State them salary within the range. Don’t beat corners corners,” @RanymoiKim said.

“Just like land value rises after a while tell them the money you were paid was based on the value you had at that time, sahii umepanda bei kama shamba za Kamulu so it needs to be higher than your previous salary. From experience. Thank me later,” @MarieTanya1 said.

“Before you get to the interview research industry stds based on your skills, experience and job location. Let the company know that your main focus is opportunity and growth potential. Don’t undershoot yourself. Many have done this and later unable to readjust package,” @kibukofridah said.

“First, it’s a trick question. Meant for you to undersell yourself while taking responsibility for it. Tell them that they probably have an internal, well-established range for that role based on qualifications and experience. Don’t volunteer unless you have intel,” @Paul Koigi said.

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