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How to raise cash from your house

Making money from the comfort of the home is now catching up with Nairobians. Businesspeople have embraced the idea in order to cut costs incurred through rent, fare and hiring of employees.

Ursula Akinyi who lives in Donholm, is a wholesale quail hatcher. The business established five months ago is going well, according to her.

She purchased an incubator which can hold 500 chicken and quail eggs. 

“The incubator is a one-stop shop that has water trays, receiving crates for chicks and shelves that rotate. The temperature is regulated. Fortunately, it does not use much electricity as I just add about Sh100 on the usual monthly bill,” says Akinyi.

She then put up a brooder and cages at Sh5,000 and Sh20,000 respectively. She furnished them with drinkers and feeders at an initial sum of Sh2,000 for 8 feeders and Sh1,600 for various sizes of drinkers.

With preparations complete, she bought 410 quail eggs for Sh80 each and had set up a hatchery.

She sells 100 to 200 eggs for between Sh90 and Sh100 in a month. She can also sell 90 quails with one going for between Sh800 and Sh1,200. This brings her average monthly earnings to Sh104,250.

“My biggest advantage is proximity to the market as I conduct business past the normal working hours, ensuring customers can get my services at any time of the day,” says Akinyi.

She says working at home does away with spending one’s chunk of income on bus and matatu fare.

Her target market includes quail farmers, health fanatics and those suffering from lifestyle diseases.