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How to spot a fake morning after pill

The weekend is finally here but before you do anything, ladies, ensure you have the real emergency pill. The Ministry of Health through the Pharmacy and Poisons Board has issued guidelines on how to spot a fake emergency pill.

One commonly used emergency pill, Postinor 2, as it is commonly known, has had a scare of fake pills being sold in Kenya and now you can tell if the packet at your local chemist is genuine.

According to the board, the fake pills are packaged in a way that is very similar to the original one but the “scratch to reveal area” is non-functional.

For original pills, the packet in which they are contained has an area where once you scratch you will see a combination of numbers and alphabets.


In a press statement, the board warned Kenyans not to use the pills whose packaging has the “scratch to reveal area” but does not reveal anything when scratched.

“Contact a Pharmacist or a Doctor as soon as possible for advice and report the incident to Pharmacovigilance Department at Pharmacy and Poisons Board. If you think you have taken this product, please seek medical advice immediately,” the board said in a statement.

The government is cracking down on the fake pills to ensure more packets are not brought into the Kenyan market as some have already found their way into the Ugandan market.

“Our drug inspectors are carrying out investigations on the ground & at Ports of Entry and an e-shot has been sent out to stakeholders to be vigilant over the same.”

Now you know how to spot a fake pill whose ingestion could result to unwanted pregnancies.