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How to tame randy men: Lessons from Wangari Thiong’o and Jimal Rohosafi

Jamal Ibrahim, famously known as Jimal Rohosafi, has etched his name in the public eye through a tumultuous journey involving relationships, social media drama, and public scrutiny.

As the Chairman of Nairobi’s public service vehicle operators, Jimal’s personal life became a spectacle that captivated the nation.

The saga unfolded as he became entangled in a love triangle with his then-wife Amira and Instagram influencer Amber Ray, born Faith Makau.

Publicly cheating on and humiliating Amira, Jimal’s actions fueled a divisive online narrative, with Amira eventually opting for divorce proceedings. Many admired Amira’s dignified response during the tumultuous period.

As Amira exited the drama, Jimal’s relationship with Amber Ray took center stage, only to crumble when she discovered they were expecting a child. The breakup was accompanied by a miscarriage and startling sentiments about the pregnancy from Amber.

Jimal sought reconciliation with Amira, concurrently being romantically linked to Michelle Wangari Thiong’o, his employee and ‘bestie.’ Juggling multiple relationships, Jimal was also associated with Anita Kyalo, leading to a chaotic love life.

Wangari, observing the chaotic situation, maintained a poised demeanour. She dropped subtle hints through social media, using music posts as cryptic messages.

Instead of engaging in a public feud with Anita, she focused on outdoing her through subtle communication.

Wangari’s emphasis on raising her children without succumbing to online drama presented a grounded image.

Jimal, perhaps influenced by her approach, transitioned to portraying family-friendly content and settled into the roles of a father and husband.

In navigating the complexities of relationships with a man like Jimal, Wangari’s approach offers valuable lessons.

Subtle warnings, avoiding public confrontations, and prioritising personal growth and family stability have seemingly tamed the tumultuous journey of a man known for his wandering eye and public controversies.