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How to work from home effectively

A number of Kenyans have been forced by the coronavirus pandemic to work from home this week. It is a new experience, one that will probably go on for some time. So, here are five tips to guide you through:

1. Prepare for this like any other normal working day – be advised to maintain extra concentration on the workload. Wake up normally, freshen up, dress up, break your fast and get set.

2. Have a plan – draw up a schedule on which assignments you intend to accomplish and ensure you stick to the plan. Work as if you are supervised. Try and consult as often as you would do when in office. If need be, ensure you have adequate internet supply.

3. Avoid distraction – Switch off the TV and radio. If possible, set up a home office, complete with internet and computer if you need one. If the kids are at home, try to give them assignments and make time to supervise them so that there is a formal mood within the living or working room.

4. Breaks – working all along without colleagues can turn out to be a boring affair. Besides, a person’s attention span is likely to drift so many times if you are all alone. To counter this, try to organise short breaks in between your work to mentally freshen up.

5. Avoid meals – don’t keep meals by your side when working. Apart from being a distraction, these would attract the risk of laying you up. Research shows a satisfied person naturally relaxes his or her thinking capacity. In fact, remove alcohol or cigarettes from your menu completely when working at home.