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How Turkish authorities wrapped man in plastic before deporting him – VIDEO

A businessman from Cameroon was wrapped from head to toe in bubble wrap and put on a plane by Turkish police as he was deported for allegedly having a fake visa.

The shocking footage shared on social media shows Emmanuel Chedjou, 47, shouting and struggling as his whole body is wrapped in plastic.

Chedjou can be heard screaming for help as fellow passengers struggled to take off the layers of plastic wrapping and the plastic straps restraining his wrists and ankles.

The video of the incident has since caused outrage, sparking calls to boycott of the airline.

“They want to kill me,” he is heard saying in the video in a state of panic. “They carried me like a package to put me on the plane … I was barely breathing,” he told The Telegraph later in a phone interview.

The passenger, said that he was heading to Dubai from Yaounde with a connecting flight with his wife on January 21.

Upon stopping in Istanbul, Chedjou reportedly wanted to leave the airport due to the long waiting hours, while his wife remained in the transit area.

“When I arrived at passport control, I was told that my transit visa was fake and that I was detained. I was taken to a type of detention center,” Chedjou, who says that he is a businessman, told France 24.

Following his claims, Turkish Interior Ministry released a statement, saying that two inspectors were assigned to look into the issue.

“The individual in subject was tried to be deported three times on Jan. 21, 22 and 27, but was able to be deported on Jan. 30 since he resisted and removed his clothes on the plane in the latest attempt,” the Ministry said in the statement.

The Ministry also claims Chedjou tried to enter Turkey with a fake document.

“However, no matter what happened, such a practice is absolutely unacceptable,” the statement read.