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How ‘Uhuru embarassed Ruto’

President William Ruto on June 7, 2023, humourously recounted his experience as an outsider in the previous government.

In a light-hearted moment at his inaugural Prayer breakfast, President Ruto highlighted the unique political dynamics that unfolded in the run up to the August 2022 polls which he says left him serving as the defacto opposition leader despite having been elected as the Deputy President.

The Head of State further reflected on how he was frustrated and blocked from perfoming his constitutional role as the country’s second in command to then President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“It only happens in Kenya that in our last election, the opposition leader became the government candidate, and the sitting deputy president became the opposition candidate,” observed President Ruto.

The room erupted in laughter as the crowd appreciated the irony and unexpected turns that occurred during the electoral process.

“The opposition candidate won the election and the sitting president then handed over power to his deputy. And went ahead to become the leader of the opposition party. That only happens in Kenya,” Ruto said.

Ruto was referring to his fallout with his former boss Uhuru Kenyatta, now retired.

Mr Kenyatta elected to publicly support Azimio leader Raila Odinga as his successor but the plan failed as Ruto was declared winner of the polls.

Recently, Mr Kenyatta announced he is not quitting politics yet.

Meanwhile, President Ruto emphasized the importance of unity, faith, and prayer in building a prosperous and harmonious nation.

He asked political leaders to work together, transcending party affiliations, to address the challenges facing the country and create a better future for all Kenyans.

“I remember the last prayer breakfast here was around the same. I remember asking for forgiveness from my friend the former president. It is interesting that today we are again discussing the subject of forgiveness and reconciliation,” Ruto said.

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