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How uncivilized NYS officers turned couple’s date into a nightmare – VIDEO

What should have been a romantic date for two lovebirds, turned into an embarrassing episode after an encounter with a band of uncouth National Youth Service (NYS) personnel.

In a shocking episode that was filmed, presumably by one of the couple’s tormentors, the lovebirds were subjected to public humiliation by being forced to embrace and kiss each other.

The two unidentified lovers were also forced to heavily pet each other.

In the video, the man, who is dressed in a white shirt and black trousers, is ordered to hold his woman tight, kiss and caress her bum and breasts.

Even as the couple complies, the officers keep shouting orders at them.

One of the officers tells the woman to affectionately embrace her man while kissing him.

“Kaa hivi carry on, and that is the last chance, shika yeye vizuri, dara yeye,” are just some of the words the NYS officers are heard shouting.

The viral video has since sparked outrage on social media with many users condemning the NYS men for abusing their authority through such uncivilized behaviour.

It is however unclear where the incident took place and why the NYS officers resorted to such action.

Here is what a few Kenyans on Twitter had to say:

“This guy’s (sic) think they are police, once saw them beating drivers ndo gari yao ipite,” @elijahkaloki tweeted.

“Harassment,” said @kipslangat.

“Very uncouth behaviour by the NYS,” wrote @anthonynjagi.

“The real question is why would an adult agree to be harassed?” asked @N_athan10.

“That girl is savage. That French kiss is true,” commented @Qellvn.