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How Utawala man was robbed Sh600k and two phones by ‘police officers’

A man is nursing injuries after he was abducted and thrown out of a moving car by police officers who he claims robbed him of Sh600,000 in Utawala, Embakasi area.

Mr Naftali Kamau who resides in Kamakis area reported to the police that on Friday, around 9:40am, he went and withdrew Sh600,000 from Utawala Equity bank to take to his lawyer for a transaction.

According to Mr Kamau, his lawyer was waiting for him at his Donholm office, but while on his way there, he noticed a white Toyota Axio trailing him.

Upon reaching the junction of Baraka estate, the said vehicle accelerated, overtook him and then blocked his way.

“Two armed traffic police officers, a lady and a gentleman flagged me to stop and asked why I was speeding. As we were talking, they opened the doors and entered my vehicle and grabbed the brown envelope that had the money I had withdrawn,” he told police in his report.

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Mr Kamau said the two quickly alighted but he followed them to their vehicle where there were two other people in civilian clothes.

When he demanded his money back, they instead told him to board their vehicle and sped off with him towards Utawala and threw him out of the vehicle at Benedictor junction. While in the car, they again robbed him of his two iPhones.

Mr Kamau sustained scratches on his neck during the incident.

Police have since launched investigations and have also circulated the number plate of the motor vehicle in question.

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Two weeks ago, police launched an investigation into a strange incident where a man reported being robbed by police officers in Nairobi.

The victim, Mr Stanley Kiarie, said he was waiting to board a matatu to his Kimende home on February 9, 2023 when people in police uniform arrested him on Nairobi’s River Road.

He reported that the three told him they were police officers and that he was under arrest for illegal possession of bhang before handcuffing him.

Mr Kiarie also reported at Lari Police Station that his abductors thereafter inserted rolls of bhang into his pockets. He was then asked for Sh20,000 to secure his release.

“They ransacked my pockets and grabbed the Sh2,000 that I had before forcing me to go and withdraw Sh6,000 from M-Pesa agent,” he said.

Afterward, they handed him Sh500 as his fare home.

The officers at Lari Police Station referred him to Nairobi where the incident allegedly happened.

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