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How we used TikTok to trump President Trump

So we all know who President Trump is. He is the president of “the greatest” country in the world.

Many dislike him and just as many others adore him. Many teenagers, including myself, don’t like him at all.

His policies are out of order and his moral compass is clearly broken. But he manages to sway the older generations with economic and business-related manifestos and policies.

Since many in our generation don’t like him, we decided to mess with his campaign.

Now you may be wondering, “how did you do that?” Well… there’s this social media app called Tik Tok. It has over 750 million people using it worldwide.

Mostly, the app has kids dancing, making funny videos, doing skits, showing their art forms and showing their music skills. But…. the app is also used to spread awareness on issues in the world, such as the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

And lately, it has been used by young people to influence the upcoming election in the US. One creator came up with the idea to mess with President Trump’s campaign.


After brainstorming, several Tik Tokers decided to mess with his rally in Tulsa. All you had to do was book a ticket from the Trump campaign website.

While booking a ticket, you were to fill in your email address and put in a fake zip code from Google — but you had to make sure it was in the Tulsa area. Since the ticket was free, executing the plan was a walk in the park. Even someone like me from across the world could do this.

And after that, he threw a tantrum and cancelled all of his rallies — out of fear of a bunch of teenagers!

As you can see, this generation has so much influence over each other. Sometimes it may be negative, but most of the time, we use our platforms for good and to stand up for what we believe in.

Since I would like to study medicine in the US in future, this election does affect me. I don’t believe anything President Trump stands for. He does not seem to like black people, he discriminates against women, he is Islamophobic and he does not support immigrants and foreigners.


And he has done nothing to help Americans in the fight against coronavirus and, clearly, this is coming back to bite him, with over four million Americans affected and nearly 160,000 others dead.

His choice of words is also wanting. When he speaks, it’s as though he surprises not only us as the viewers, but also himself. Calling the coronavirus the ‘China virus’ even though the US is the hotspot of the world.

The most ridiculous thing about this president and his administration is his petty Twitter rants. He says he wants to ‘make America great again’, but he only says that in terms of money and economics.

He talks very highly of himself and how ‘unemployment rates have gone down’ since he came into office. But he has completely forgotten about the basic morals that a human needs.

In my opinion, his time is up. I whole-heartedly believe that this generation will never stop until this man is out of office. We will rain hell on this man from all around the world. And guess what, he can’t do anything about it!

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