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How wedding ceremony with ‘no reception’ backfired on this couple

By Amina Wako September 3rd, 2019 2 min read

We all know how wedding programs usually shape up; First the exchange of vows in church, then the couple’s photo shoot.

And as the bride and groom capture the moments of their big day, the rest of us have already gathered at the reception as we wait for the couple to serve ‘us’ – the guests – the meal sumptuous meal they have prepared.

It’s here where we eat, dance, make friends and gossip about the food, the wedding décor and everything else about the occassion.

Well, one couple recently shocked the online community by choosing to send out an invitation to a ‘receptionless’ wedding ceremony.

The invitation, which was widely shared on social media, was sent out by a certain Nigerian man by the name Adewale Yussuf and his bride Blessing Ijeoma.

This couple decided to spoil the traditions as their invitation is clearly stated: “No reception”

“My wife and I had decided to not have a reception party after our wedding. Just church service, nothing big,” Adewale posted.


Nigerian couple Adewale Yussuf (center) and Blessing Ijeoma on their wedding day. PHOTOS | COURTESY
Nigerian couple Adewale Yussuf (center) and Blessing Ijeoma on their wedding day. PHOTOS | COURTESY

But it seems their family and friends would have none of a wedding without a reception.

The couple later shared a post on their Instagram page where they said they had a surprise wedding reception courtesy of friends and family.

Sharing photos from the wedding reception, the groom said they only wanted a small wedding but got dragged into a surprise reception which was all paid for by his mentors and friends.

According to Adewale they were happy with the decision they made of not having the wedding reception.

“So the weekend was full of drama as our wedding IV trended because of our #NoReception decision. I’m glad my wife is laughing about it now, because it wasn’t funny over the weekend. Thanks to everyone that insulted or defended us, we’re happy with our decision,” he wrote.