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How whistleblower got Njabini Girls suspended for fielding ex-students at games

In a surprising turn of events at the ongoing National Secondary Term Two Games, Njabini Girls Secondary School from the Central Region faced disqualification for fielding ineligible players.

The Kenya Secondary Schools Sports Association (KSSSA) jury decided on Thursday, August 10, following a formal complaint by Kombani Girls Secondary School.

This unexpected development has sent shockwaves through the tournament, leaving Njabini in disarray and reshaping the dynamics of Group A.

The disqualification stems from allegations that Njabini Girls Secondary School fielded two players who did not meet the eligibility criteria set forth by KSSSA.

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Kombani Girls Secondary School raised concerns, prompting a rigorous investigation by the association’s jury. Upon closer examination, Njabini Girls Secondary School was found to violate KSSSA regulations, leading to their suspension from the ongoing games.

An anonymous source within the KSSSA Jury shed light on the decision: “Njabini have indeed been disqualified from the school games after Kombani presented evidence of their opponents fielding two ineligible players. One player was in violation of the 90-day rule, and another was found to be overage with substantiating proof. The school management itself acknowledged these infractions.”

Kombani Girls Secondary School, acting as the whistle-blower in this case, had initially presented allegations concerning seven students from Njabini.

While they were tasked with bearing the burden of proof, they successfully substantiated their claims for two players.

However, the Executive Committee will determine the full extent of Njabini Girls’ ban from the national school games, pending ratification of the jury’s decision.

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A spokesperson from the KSSSA shared insight into the potential length of the ban, stating, “The duration of Njabini Girls’ suspension will be communicated later today, after the Executive Committee reviews and ratifies the decision. The ban may span two or three years, calculated from November to November, aligning with the current school calendar.”

This disqualification has triggered a ripple effect on the Group A standings, ultimately impacting the scores and positions of multiple teams.

Njabini’s initial victory against Kombani has been overturned, with Kombani being retroactively awarded three points and a scoreline of 2-0. Butere Girls High School, also part of Group A, will similarly benefit from the adjustment, receiving three points and an additional two goals.

The unexpected disqualification of Njabini Girls Secondary School has cast a shadow over the tournament, underscoring the delicate balance between healthy competition and maintaining the integrity of the games.

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