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How Willis Raburu shed off 30kgs in weight loss journey

Willis Raburu has shared a new update on his weight loss journey leaving his fans amazed.

In a recent video on his YouTube channel, the TV host disclosed he had so far lost 30kgs.

“I started at 164Kgs and last week when I checked I was 134Kgs. That’s 30Kgs down and I haven’t even started going to the Gym yet so watch out,” he said. 

The 10/10 host also mentioned that his parents and partner Ivy Namu are happy with his weight loss Journey.

“My Dad is happy, my mum is happy and my fiancée is almost happy and I’m happy because when you are healthier you get guaranteed more time with your kids and that was important,”

The TV personality has shared his progress 7 months after undergoing gastric bypass surgery that cost him a whooping Sh900, 000.

Raburu says he was forced to undergo Gastric bypass weight loss surgery for the sake of his health.

“I went for gastric bypass surgery. I respect people who persistently go to the gym. The gym is a lot of work. I had a good trainer but I would lose weight but I would regain that weight again very quickly.”

He also stated that his weight has been on and off again. He said his major setback has been his eating patterns.

“I have no issue with discipline in terms of when I commit to going to the gym,” he said.

“It’s just when I do not go for a week or two, it’s very easy to gain the weight back. It is an issue with my relationship with food and that is where the problem is.”

“You have heard it said that it’s all about the kitchen more than the gym so that is how it has been.”

Raburu explained that with the full bypass surgery, he is not allowed to use alcohol for about three months to a year.

“Recommended is one year. Also, eating smaller portions is almost guaranteed because of your smaller stomach,” he said.

“For a while, you can’t go to the gym, and when you do go back, you start slow and work into it.”

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