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How ‘withcraft claims’ made Amber Ray famous

By Rajab Zawadi November 25th, 2023 2 min read

Socialite Faith Makau alias Amber Ray says her witchcraft scandal was a blessing in disguise as it propelled her to fame which she pretty much enjoys and takes advantage of.

The mother of two says, looking back at how those events panned out, it pushed her brand to the next level enabling her to ink several ambassadorial deals as an online influencer with different brands in the country.

Amber who recently became the talk of the town after it was alleged she and her partner Kennedy Rapudo were kicked out of their Sh270,000 monthly rental house over rent arrears, notes that since the witchcraft scandal, she has developed a thick skin to social media trolls and bullying and it’s that character that has enabled her to build a very stable brand.

“My mental health is good has been great. The only time social media trolls threatened my mental state was a long time before I got famous. It was something very sensitive, the witchcraft story,”
She states that was the only time she ever thought of quitting social media as she wasn’t ready to handle the trolls. So she deactivated her Instagram account for a couple of hours before having a change in mind.

“I told myself, Amber this is not you because I like facing my troubles head on, finish up and move on and that’s what I did. And I thank God I did that because that’s why I’m here (where I am) today. People now know me as Amber, I’m very famous. It was a blessing in disguise,”

The witchcraft rumours started flying after a creepy photo of her in a shady room holding two hens surfaced online.

In her explanation, Amber alleged her ex-husband Jhand Zaheer Member of Parliament for Nyaribari Chache is the person who took the photo without her knowing.

“It’s funny that the person I was being accused of bewitching is the person who took me there and took that picture without me knowing,” she alleged.

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