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Hozambee: The viral song taking over social media explained

Hozambee has become one of the most popular club and TikTok songs.

It has racked up millions of plays and thousands of creators have turned it into a challenge.

Kenyan men have also been captivated by Shifura’s beauty since Ugandan singer D Star featured her in his viral “Hozambee” freestyle.

The woman whose eyes have become the centre of attention has sparked the Shifura challenge across Kenya.

Men couldn’t help but praise her striking eyes, which became the highlight of the video.

The ‘Shifura Challenge’ sees participants recreating the key moment in the video where a woman sits on a man’s lap, with many Kenyan celebrities joining in the fun.

Notable celebrities taking part in the dance challenge include both gospel and secular couples: Wahu and Nameless, the Wa Jesus family, the Njugush family, Commentator and Moureen, Thee Pluto and Felicity and the Kajim’s family, among others.

The song has been going viral, with Shifura, the woman in the video, grabbing everyone’s attention.

In the video, she looks seductively into the camera while sitting on D Star’s lap as he sings passionately surrounded by friends.

But beyond the viral sensation, what does the song actually mean?

A Kenyan woman identified only as Adah on social media recently shed light on the meaning behind the viral song, urging people to understand the lyrics before singing along.

“Many of us have been enjoying and jamming to this song without knowing its true meaning. Let me explain. The song tells a story. Shifura, the woman in the song, is married to an older man but is not happy with her marriage. So she decides to find another man, called Hozambe, who can satisfy her needs. In the song, Shifura asks Hozambe if he can keep up with her desires,” she explains.

The lady goes on to explain the lyrics of the Ugandan song.

“Hozambee, describes how Shifura was too loud during their intimate moments, resulting in Hozambee being chased away because it wasn’t safe for her to cheat on her husband. The song contains a lot of vulgar language”.

She urged Kenyans: “It is important that we understand the meaning of the lyrics before we sing along.”

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