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Huawei launches latest smartphone with power and speed

Mobile phone company Huawei has launched a new large-screened smartphone which is among the first to be powered by Android 7.0.

The Mate 9 handset comes in two designs, a model with a 1080p “full HD” display, and a Porsche-branded edition with nearly twice the resolution.

The company also announced the introduction of the premium Kirin960 chipset to provide a smoother, faster and more secure Android experience.

The new Kirin960 will make its debut on Huawei’s upcoming flagship device and is the latest addition to the Kirin900 family.

The Chinese company says it has also tackled smartphones’ tendency to slow down over time.

Huawei’s new phones also feature a “supercharging” battery technology that promises to deliver a day’s worth of power within 30 minutes and a full two-day charge in 90 minutes.

They are both powered by a new chip – the Kirin 960, which was designed by Huawei itself. It says it is the fastest smartphone processor to date.

Huawei has redesigned the user-interface of its handsets. PHOTO | COURTESY
Huawei has redesigned the user-interface of its handsets. PHOTO | COURTESY


Moreover, Huawei says it has developed proprietary technology to address the fact that smartphones tend to run slower once they have been used for several months.

“Our phones will on average be 80% faster than another device after one year,” a spokesman said.

The Mate 9 phones lack an artificial intelligence interface, like the Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri.

But unlike those handsets, they can been fitted with a microSD card, offering up to two terabytes of extra storage.

In addition, they offer an unusual audio facility thanks to four in-built microphones.

After a recording has been made, an app allows the user to remove one sound source to better hear another.

The standard edition has a 5.9in (15cm) screen it also has the latest dual camera technology that mimics the human eye for faster focus and unparalleled clarity.