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Huawei P9 Lite: where class meets beauty

August 29th, 2016 2 min read

The new Huawei P9 lite features a number of innovative hardware upgrades from its predecessor P8 lite. As they say the first impression lasts.

The P9 lite first impresses you with its elegant design and metallic bezel. It’s one of the slimmest smart phones available in the market today.

Built on the Android OS, this allows you to download as many desired –free and paid- applications as possible, to satisfy your taste buds.

The full high definition in-cell screen and a wider color gamut, all fitted to a slimmer frame, gives you greater detail, all in one delicately finished alloy frame.

This helps in preventing scratches. It is light but very strongly built.

The phone has an LED notification light signaling when you have unread messages and missed calls. It also has a light sensor that adjusts screen brightness automatically.

It also has a night reading mode and a color adjustment slider.

That’s not all. P9 lite has a fingerprint sensor placed at the back for your security lock –which is the flavor of the month when it comes to smart phone security.

The keypad is also super responsive, controlled by very light touches. Its colour balance when taking pics is on point.

The front camera has very sharp pictures despite not having a flash. However, the screen will automatically turn on the screen to light up your face, if you’re taking a selfie in low light conditions. You can also blur images while taking pictures if you so wish.

The phone’s camera has 13 megapixels, meaning even objects far away appear sharp.

It makes texting fun as the contact you text often appear on recipient’s box. Its music quality is on spot; very clear quality whether low or high. Its battery life is also very reliable, compared to its peers.

If it’s about to go low, the phone prompts you with an option of stopping some applications –essentially transforming it into a ‘mulika mwizi’– to allow you to just call and send text, giving you a grace period of 2hrs.

This way, you will never be caught flatfooted. It also maintains good network of both 3G and 4G, depending on the zone you are.

For a price of Sh29,999, the P9 lite, which comes in either white, black or gold, is definitely a bargain.