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Huddah: I almost died from plastic surgery

High-flying Nairobi socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she had to undergo a lifesaving operation after developing complication from a previous surgery.

Huddah, who has converted her socialite fortunes into a formidable cosmetics business company, had to travel thousands of miles and cross several oceans to Beverly Hill, California.

“I could’ve died but I’m well now,” says Huddah.

She went under the knife at the renown Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. She later posed revealed the secret to her more than one million followers on Instagram.

The Group says it combines “artistry and science, for a refined natural look, not an artificial operated appearance”. Huddah posed with one of the surgeons Dr.Layke although all surgeries are jointly done with Dr. Daniel. The group says it can organize loans of up to Sh3.5 million.

In 2016, Huddah revealed that she had breast implants but claimed she merely transplanted fat from her behinds. During her short stint at the Big Bro Africa, the socialite confessed that she hated her breasts which were tiny at the time.

She has since transformed into a busty woman.