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Huddah: I once drank porridge with salt, now see where I am

February 17th, 2016 1 min read

Globe-trotting socialite Huddah Monroe has opened up about her humble background, revealing that she once drank maize porridge with just salt.

The controversial entertainer, who now drives a customized Range Rover SUV and allegedly lives in her own pent house, made the revelation on her Instagram account.

She posted a snapchat grab of some five sausages she had made, captioning them “wife material?”

She said the post was about “not giving up or losing hope in life”.

Growing up, she said, she never had sausages, bread or sugar.

“We used to see them in newspapers passing by the roadside Coz POVERTY was real! …. But look at me now ? I’m eating sausages and I don’t do sugar anymore despite the fact that I never had it when I was a kid” she wrote.

“It’s funny but We used to drink maize floor porridge (UJI) with salt in it LOL! And it tasted GOOD as (unprintable)! I Don’t know about y’alls upbringing but that’s how we used to roll. I have now done sugar , bread and sausages . Things I never dreamt off. Things I never thought I’d ever have. Now look at that picture above! That’s the real definition of MAKING IT in LIFE! NEVER LOSE HOPE BOSSES. YOU DUNNO WHAT TOMORROW MIGHT BRING! Whatever you want to have in life , you will have . Gods timing”.

She also schooled her fans on the dangers of sugar.

“I dunno what the hype was about sugar though, it’s not good for your health . In fact honey is cheaper than Sugar here in Kenya. Use that. A lot of people who had sugar when I was kid have sugar issues now. See life?” she said.