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Huddah under fire over ‘low quality’ lipsticks

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has been accused of lowering the quality of her matte lipstick in the current batch being sold in stores.

Huddah, who launched her lipstick in 2016, has been growing her cosmetics business, her latest addition being eye shadow pallet and wet wipes.

But users are now raising questions about her latest batch of lipsticks. Other are evening wondering if they bought the original lippies.

“Well seeing the way people praise these mattes I think basi I am the only one who was disappointed by them. They transfer like crazy hata kwa straw ya soda ?. It’s ok najua niko pekee yangu ? NB: watu wa kusema fake and original I bought 5 of them at that shop at World Business Center yenye inajiita Six Figure Cosmetics and iko na picha kubwa ya Huddah. Each was Kshs. 1000,” wrote a certain Lillian.

“Was the best, used them for the longest time, lakini aki wameharibu, nimerudi kwa pop,” commented Fatuma.

“Whack! Whack! Bought mine at Six figure cosmetics and got disappointed… Woi ni tubaya??? ,” lamented Jacqueline.


“I bought two in January at 1k each… saa hii zishakauka? huddah lipstick nigutee,” stated Kaguri.

“Huddah varies. They only one that hasn’t disappointed me is vamp. The rest wacha tu. Are they manufactured by the same company? Quality is east and west!” Cathy said.

“Huddah lippies are a scam?? I used to love vamp but not anymore!! Feels kama paint,” Kami wrote.

“Btw it’s true nowadays they stain I use luscious red and I am disappointed, the quality has totally changed,” Valentines commented.

But Huddah has come out to defend her lippies.

“Everyone who has used my lipsticks know she is lying. But some women would do anything to put others down. You cant block my blessings no matter how hard you try,” she said.