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Huddah Monroe shares her experiences with Kenyan construction workers

Socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe recently shared her story of perseverance and hard work as she built her new showroom in the city’s heart.

Huddah says she faced numerous challenges, including working with unprofessional human resources and delayed materials.

Despite these setbacks, she says she emerged victorious and used her experience to encourage others to support local Kenyan brands and businesses.

“I can’t believe I built this place from scratch. It was so hard; dealing with fundis is a headache, especially as a woman,” Huddah said, reflecting on her journey.

She initially wanted the showroom completed in three days, but it took over a month due to various issues with materials and labour.

Huddah faced several challenges with the workers she hired, including electricians who would show up drunk, burst wires, and tear down the roof again for wiring.

“OMG! The electricians would also come drunk, burst all the wires, and tear down the roof again for wiring,” she exclaimed. One electrician charged her per day but only showed up for a few minutes each day. Monroe eventually had to fire him after the third day.

Despite these obstacles, Huddah remained committed to her vision. She wanted her showroom to be a whole floor, but due to space limitations in the city, she settled for a smaller location.

“The smaller one taught me how to deal with humans one-on-one. You can’t outdo the doer! I know where to source for my stuff in Kenya,” she said.

The socialite is proud to say that everything in her showroom is sourced from Kenya. She encourages others to support local brands and businesses, as it helps to build the Kenyan economy.

“Buy from Kenyans! Build Kenya unless otherwise! I’ll choose a Kenyan brand first before anything,” Huddah urged her fellow citizens.

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