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Huddah Monroe to take legal action against people tarnishing her brand

Huddah Monroe has announced her intention to take legal action against anyone who tries to tarnish her brand.

She has warned netizens sternly, informing them that spreading fake news about her life could result in a hefty fine of Sh36 million.

Huddah stresses that making false claims about her product and knowingly spreading lies will have serious consequences.

“We will thoroughly investigate the matter by conducting all necessary tests, including seeking professional medical opinions. If the allegations are proven to be false, you will be held accountable for defamation and false accusation, with a fine of $250,000 (Ksh 34,662,500)”.

Huddah also mentions that regardless of one’s financial situation, compensation will be pursued even if it means collecting earnings for the rest of one’s life.

She emphasised the importance of the time and effort it took to establish her brand and reach her current position.

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In June 2022, content creator Murugi Munyi received a package from Huddah’s Rich Beauty.

As she examined the products, she couldn’t help but notice that the packaging reminded her of the success cards sent to candidates before national exams.

Unlike Nivea products, Murugi shared her thoughts with her followers, expressing a slight concern about the lack of individual descriptions for each product.

However, she reserved judgement until she had actually tried the products.

Murugi promised her followers an update in two or three weeks to share her experiences.

“One thing that feels like a bit of a red flag is that all the products say the same thing… it doesn’t have a description like Nivea products… but I don’t want to pass judgement because I haven’t tried them. I’ll try them and give you an update in two or three weeks and tell you how it goes,” Munyi told her followers.

Upon hearing Murugi’s comments, Huddah quickly attacked her, criticising her for the negative review and accusing her of not giving the products a fair chance before sharing her opinion.

Huddah said she would also take action against anyone who published lies about her.

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