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Huddah Munroe in ‘freebies’ rant at friends

Kenyan model Alhuda Njoroge alias Huddah Monroe has slammed her friends and family for not supporting her businesses.

Huddah, in a lengthy post on social media, claims she gets most of her support from strangers, as friends only ask her for freebies.

“Funny thing are the people who even buy my products are not my friends or family. Only 2-3 friends do. It’s strangers who support me. My friends always ask for free things and don’t post them. Don’t feel bad if I cut you off in (20)22,” Huddah posted.

The socialite cum entrepreneur went ahead to emphasize that in the new year she will not be tolerating anyone who is not supportive of her work and even threatens to cut off anyone who only brings her bad energy. “You open your make-up bag and don’t have Huddah cosmetics you bought from me, not free, I cut you! This year is for supportive, positive friends only. Keep your struggles to yourself,” she added.

The curvy Instagram star recently returned to Nairobi after living in Dubai for the past two years. Ms. Monroe announced via her Instagram page that she had arrived at last as she had missed her home and family. All excited, Huddah also shared that she had missed the view from her balcony, adding that she watched a fireworks display off it on New Year’s Day.

The socialite did not shy away from sharing some of her New Year’s resolutions and new found attitude going into the new year, saying that she might not have time to mingle as her focus is set on making big money moves.

She shared a meme on her stories which read, “If I go ghost, don’t take it personal, I am probably doing something to better myself.” She added her own interpretation in a caption that read: “Like, I really wanna see friends but I have a lot on my plate, like taking a piece of the cake before the Chinese overtake everything.”

In a subsequent post, she posted another meme that stated: “We’re really at the age where quality friendships hit different. It’s not about how long we’ve been friends anymore. It’s having intentional relationships that feed us in a different way.”