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Huddah, Murugi Munyi exchange nasty words over skincare products

Content creator Murugi Munyi and socialite Huddah Monroe have set Instagram ablaze after exchanging not-so-pleasant words.

The war of words was started by Munyi’s criticism of the entrepreneur’s beauty products. Munyi, who also is a TMI podcast co-host, suggested Huddah products are not efficient and lack ingredients lists.

She made the allegations during her show.

“I don’t understand why a skincare product wouldn’t have an ingredients list because all skincare products that I use have ingredients lists. I felt like I would not ordinarily buy or use a product which does not have an ingredients list or which all the products have the same exact writing on them,” said Munyi.

True to expectation, Huddah could not let such a comment pass by without giving her thoughts.

“100% money-back guarantee on all our products. Murugi Munyi do not bash things without trying. Coz repeated words or typo or a spelling mistake doesn’t take away from the efficiency of the products or the message,” said Huddah.

The socialite further suggested Munyi is among the people trying to bring her down.

“Everyone who tried to bring me down is fallen in their career and is nowhere to be seen.”

Munyi took the argument further by questioning how she is referred to as a hater for simply giving her honest feedback about the products.

“That does not make me a hater, it does not make me someone who does not want your business to succeed. If anything I am constantly trying to support women and I feel like if you win I win,” she said.

But Huddah responded by saying Munyi has no mandate to advertise her products because she has professionals to do it.