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Huddah: I hate doing semi-nudes, but I’m paid for it

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe has denied claims that she is back to her old self of posting semi-nude photos on her social media accounts.

Huddah says she is not by any means courting the old controversy that brought her all the fame, but that she only does the semi-nude photos for the money.

Three months ago, Huddah deleted all photos from her 1.3 million fans Instagram account leaving only three that were of her cosmetics products.

She explained her surprising move as a fresh start saying that henceforth she would be posting more of her products and no nudes at all.


Huddah also said that as a businesswomen she wanted to change the perception people have about her.

However, with time, the semi-nudes have slowly crept back into her Instagram account prompting some of her fans to start questioning whether she has fallen back to her old self.

But in her defense, the socialite now says all the semi-nude photos she currently posts are courtesy of endorsement deals.

“Most girls look up to me and I don’t think I have inspired anyone to post nude pictures. Most of the time mimi nikipiga picha kwenye bikini, I’m marketing that bikini or that hotel so I don’t do it because I want to, but because I’m paid to. If you have to expose your body, make money out of it,” she says.