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Huddah: Why I don’t wear panties even during that time of the month

Socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she does not wear undergarments when she is having her periods.

The controversial socialite made the revelation while responding to a fan on Instagram.

“You said you don’t wear panties what about when you are on your period?” the fan had asked.

To this, Huddah responded: “I use menstrual cups which I will introduce soon. It doesn’t have any leakages.”

Huddah went as far as revealing that she doesn’t own any underwear.

“Panties give me infections,” she said.

The controversial socialite however said her no panty culture is a source of curiosity for her friends and boyfriend.

Another fan inquired about her boyfriend’s take on the social’s friendship with Tanzanian singer Juma Jux.

“He knows to let a bird roam. It will always find its way home,” she responded.

Jux and Huddah have in recent days sparked dating rumours following their public display of affection on social media.

The two started hanging out after Huddah was featured as a video vixen in one of Jux’s songs.

In one of his recent posts, Jux shared a video of him cuddling Huddah close to his chest and the socialite turning back her head and kissing him.

Huddah has since dismissed the rumours, saying people should not make a big deal out of a “mere kiss”.

“People kiss. Friends kiss, you can kiss your child on the cheeks. Just watch out, you can tell the energy,” she said.