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Humbled Magoha forgiven by Muslims after apologising to NTV journalist

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has eaten a humble pie and apologised to NTV journalist Rukia Bulle for his remarks which associated the scribe with an outlawed terrorist group last week.

Prof Magoha apologised after meeting with a group of Muslim leaders led by the chairman of the Supreme Council of Kenyan Muslims (Supkem) Hassan Ole Naado. The CS apologised to the journalist, the Muslim community and Kenyans as well.

“As leaders of Muslims we met with the CS and he individually apologised to the affected journalist, the Muslim community and Kenyans. We have forgiven him since the affected journalist also forgave him. The issue is now settled,” Ole Naado told Nairobi News.

Nation Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF) Chairman Abdullahi Abdi also confirmed they met the CS and the issue settled.

“He humbled himself in front of us. He apologised to the lady directly and to us on behalf of the Muslim Umma. I believe the apologise was sincere and ask Muslims to accept it. We the leaders have accepted the apology and Rukia too on behalf of the Muslim umm,” said Abdi.

Apart from Mr Ole Naado, Mr Abdi and Ms Rukia, the meeting with the CS was also attended by Muslim Women Caucus official Fauzia Hassan, Association of Muslim lawyers in Kenya chairperson Khadija Mohamed and Muslim Media Practitioners of Kenya chairman Juma Namlola. National Muslim Leaders Forum (NAMLEF) Vice chairman Al-Hajj Yusuf Murigu was also present.

On Tuesday, Muslim leaders, in a press conference at the Iconic Jamia Mosque, called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to sack Prof Magoha for profiling the journalist and associating her with the outlawed organisation.

Prof Magoha made the remarks while responding to a question from the journalist when he officiated a ceremony to lay a foundation stone for the second phase of the construction of Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) junior high classrooms at Pumwani Girls and Pumwani Boys Secondary Schools in Nairobi.

The CS instead of responding to the question asked by the journalist demanded where she had come from before making the remarks which were deemed to have profiled the scribe and associated her with the terrorist group.