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Hunter freed on Sh100,000 bond after denying possession of dikdik carcass

A Kajiado hunter who was reportedly found with a dikdik at his home in Saikeri village has made a U-turn and denied charges of possession of the animal’s carcass.

Joshua Ladapash disowned his own plea of guilty and denied accusations he’d admitted before Kibera law courts on Monday.

Before changing his mind, Ladapash was awaiting the presentation of facts by the prosecution before sentencing.

He’d earlier told the court that it was true he was found by Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers with the animal shortly after it was killed by his dogs.

On Monday, he pleaded guilty to possession of the carcass weighing five kilos after he was arraigned by KWS officers.

Ladapash was arrested at his home where he was reportedly found killing the animal.

Court heard KWS officers in Nairobi had received information about Ladapash and his accomplices’ hunting mission and they proceeded to his village.

They surrounded his home after they heard the animal make the whistling sound in pain.

Unfortunately, they found the suspect had killed the animal.

The carcass has been photographed before disposal and only the photos will be presented in court in the future.

Ladapash was released on a Sh100,000 bond and an alternative cash bail of the same amount.

The case will be mentioned on July 15 for pre-trials and setting hearing dates.