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Hunter gets ‘wife’ from heaven, but police deny them bliss

By KNA July 24th, 2015 2 min read

A hunter at Kapsingoria village Marakwet West Sub County stunned villagers when he returned home with a woman instead of game meat.

The man identified as Vincent Kiptoo from the hunting Ogiek community claimed that the woman he found in the forest was a godsend.

Mr Kiptoo, who had earlier married two wives,  said God had answered his prayers by sending him a wife in the forest after the previous two left.

“God answered my prayers because I have been praying for a wife after my second wife left my house,” he said.

Curious locals upon hearing the news of the bizarre incident thronged Mr Kiptoo’s compound to catch a glimpse of the wife.


Mr Kiptoo said that he woke up early in the morning to set up his traps in Kipkunur forest that is part of Cherangani water tower and while at the forest he was shocked to see a woman emerge from a thicket.

He said although they could not communicate well because of language barrier, just looking at her “innocent scared” eyes sent a cupid’s arrow to his heart.

He said he instantly knew that God had given him his better half.

He said they communicated in sign language since none understood the other.

“At first I was scared as I have spent most of my life in this forest but have never experienced, let alone heard, of woman roaming around alone,” said the 43-year-old man.

According to residents who saw the woman, she could not communicate in English, Swahili or any Kenyan dialect but as she mumbled words that sounded like Lingala.

The residents alerted the area authorities as they suspected she might be out on a spy mission because of the increased terrorist attacks.


The woman was booked in at Cheptongei police station for further interrogations to find out her identity and her origin.

Some residents opposed the action by police to book in the woman, with Mr Kiptoo vowing to campaign until his ‘wife’ was returned to him.

“We always see him return to his hut with game meat or honey but returning with a woman was strange to us,” a villager was heard saying.

The lovers had reportedly lived for two days before the police came for the foreign woman.

Mr Kiptoo is still an unhappy man, but he believes one day his new found wife will return home.

Area assistant chief Salome Chebii confirmed that the woman, upon interrogation, was found to be Ugandan who was travelling to Kapsowar to meet her relatives who live in the town.

She could not communicate in either English or Swahili.