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Huruma tragedy: Death toll reaches 22

The number of people who died in a city building that collapsed has risen to 22 as 135 others were rescued from the rubble of the six-storey residential block.

Rescue efforts have been slow, hampered by the fact that the collapsed building in Huruma is adjacent to a river that is blocking access to the site.

Rescue workers have complained that they are unable to move equipment onto some parts of the scene to help with heavy lifting.

At about 1pm, they brought a police sniffer dog to the site to help find the bodies.

In the meantime, residents whose houses are adjacent to the collapsed building have been urged to evacuate since those too are in danger of caving in.

Some residents have, however, defied the order to evacuate, saying they have nowhere else to go.

Ngei Ward Administrator Allan Isaboke said officials may resort to using police to move people because the situation “is a matter of life and death.”