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My husband dumped me because of many transfers, says police officer

August 28th, 2016 1 min read

A police corporal wept uncontrollably when she revealed to the National Police Service Commission vetting panel how transfers wrecked her marriage.

Speaking during the fourth sitting in Nakuru, the Eldoret-based Corporal Sally Tarus said her husband left her because he could not deal with constant transfers that they separately faced during their 13 year marriage.

“We are not officially divorced even though I do not know of his whereabouts. I always visit my mother-in-law who is extremely supportive of my four children,” she said.


Ms Tarus said that she chose to to remain single and strived daily to fend for the children without her husband’s help who has since abandoned her.

Kitale based corporal Samson Kipkulei Ayabei shocked the panel when he confessed that he is in a group with several other officers that conducts a fundraiser every week for their boss.

He said that when he was deployed to the area in 2012, one of the officers approached him and said that every Friday all officers make a contribution of Sh 3,000 for the Senior Superintendent Allan Willy who was the then divisional boss.


He said 12 officers at the station would hand over their contributions to the base commander Abubajkar Wanawasa for eventual hand over to the OCPD.

Asked by the panel chairman Ronald Musengi what the contribution was for, Corporal Ayabei said he did not question the intention of the amount but made all efforts to meet his ‘quota’.