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Husband kills wife after catching her having sex with another man

Police in Kapenguria have launched a manhunt for a middle-aged man who killed his wife after he allegedly caught her red-handed having sex with another man in Koropwon village, West Pokot County.

The incident happened in a chang’aa den which is few meters away from their home.

The woman died on Thursday morning. She had been clobbered by her husband on Wednesday evening over accusations of infidelity.

Kapenguria OCPD Julius Kyumbule said investigations were underway to establish the truth.

“From preliminary investigations, we have found that the woman was killed by her husband with a wooden weapon. We have been informed that the two have been having issues for a long time,” said Kyumbule.

He said the man has gone into hiding after committing the crime and so far no arrests have been made

“The woman was found dead on Thursday morning with physical injuries on the body. The two have been having misunderstandings for a long period of time,” Kyumbule said.

According to residents, the man went and found his wife having sex with another man outside one of the structures at the chang’aa den.

Residents in the area led by Faizah Chepkemoi have raised concerns as to why the suspect, who killed his wife has not been arrested.

Chepkemoi said that her sister, who sells illicit brew in the drinking spree, has been arrested but was not being involved in the killings. “My sister was asleep when the act happened. Police should release her,” said Chepkemoi.

A witness Naomi Cheruto said that the man came and found the deceased with the man and started clobbering her.

“We were in the house and the deceased woman was seated outside here and her husband Cheptantan took a wooden stick and beat her up. She was badly injured. The husband of the deceased went and called his children who came and carried their mother to their house which is nearby. In the morning, they told us that she has died,” said the witness.

Ismael Ken, a son of the detained chang’aa den owner identified as Nelly, wondered why his mother was arrested.

“The one who killed is still walking scot-free and has not been arrested. My mother was selling liquor. She was not beaten and killed here. She was killed at their home,” he said.

The body of the deceased was taken to Kapenguria County hospital mortuary.