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Hustler or undercover cop? Kenyans question identity of Hustler Fund maize seller

By Winnie Mabel December 1st, 2022 2 min read

A section of Kenyans are questioning the identity of a maize seller who was pictured bumping fists and chatting with President William Ruto on Wednesdy during the launch of the Hustler Fund.

This after seasoned media personality, Saddique Shaban pointed out that the maize seller could have been an undercover police officer planted to “sell the maize” to the president during the ceremony.

“The maize seller could well be an undercover cop,” Mr Shaban said.

One of the tale tell sign of the maize seller’s suspicious identity was his dressing – a bulky leather jacket which looked expensive. The jacket also appeared to have bulging pockets.

There were also questions as to whether the president’s security detail would allow the president and his deputy eat food from any seller by the roadside.

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Online, opinion was divided over the real identity of the maize seller.

“This one is an NIS (National Intelligence Service officer)… how many maize would one have to sell to buy such a jacket” asked Godfrey Kaugo.

“Nope! I know the guy, he’s been selling maize for the longest time in my hood. His name is Wambogo by the way. Let the man have his moment. As you were,” said Brandon Mullerma.

“We hating on the guy dressed well. Do we prefer them dressed badly? Then again you might be meeting the President, how many will dress well? Let’s be real,” said one Mike KK, to which Lupakisyo asked him to get an idea of how things unfold because the president would never be allowed to buy maize from a random seller.

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“We know how maize sellers look like and that doesn’t look like one of them. You are right, that’s a cop,” added Wambua LR.

“I know this maize seller called Wambugu aka Kajurah selling at Kaloleni estate just next to Posta for the longest time since I was a kid. He is into politics very much,” added Waho P.

“Presidential security doesn’t work like that. The maize the President and Deputy are chewing have been thoroughly inspected, the security would not let them eat anything else,” said John Marks.

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