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Making money from flowers

The flower business is Kenya’s third largest foreign exchange earner.

With the country dominating the European Union market, this sector receives a lot of attention from the government and farmers.

Besides contributing to the economy, it has played a big role in providing employment to many Nairobians.

The flower business is big business in the city. In almost every corner of the city, you will find flower vendors going about their business.

For some, a normal day begins at 5am when they collect flowers for sale and open their shops by 6am.

The flowers come from as far as Naivasha, Athi River, Limuru and Thika.

“We get orders from offices, hotels, families arranging for funerals of their loved ones and people hosting parties and weddings,” said Albunus Ndolo, a flower vendor on Koinange Street.

To venture into this business, one needs a starting capital of not less than Sh5,000, first to acquire a Sh3,000 yearlong business licence, a Sh1,000 to buy a day’s flower stock to kick start the business and Sh50 City Council levy.

Getting space or a stall for the business depends on the vendor as price varies with location.

On a good day, a vendor can make Sh50,000, while on normal days they make about Sh5,000 to Sh10,000.

Regular price fluctuations caused by unpredictable weather have strained business. Usually they get a 20-bunch for between Sh50 or Sh80.