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Hypocrites! Jeff Mwathi’s mum criticizes musicians, pastors for shielding DJ Fatxo

The mother of Jeff Mwathi has spoken out against local musicians and pastors whom she accuses of protecting the Mugiithi artiste DJ Fatxo over the latter’s involvement in her son’s mysterious death.

Anne Wacuka, ranted on her TikTok live to express her frustration hours after DJ Fatxo did a radio interview.

Jeff’s mum emotionally addressed the individuals directly, urging them to openly declare their support rather than remaining silent or neutral. She also questioned their motives and challenged their actions.

“You could have just come out and say you were supporting him, you were neither on this side or the other side,” Wacuka asserted.

She further criticized their alleged secret meetings and financial contributions made during nighttime, contrasting them with the transparency of the support she received from her friends abroad.

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Wacuka called on pastors and musicians in question to prioritize prayers for the nation rather than channeling their efforts into shielding the Mugiithi artist.

She questioned the authenticity of their actions and urged them to show their support openly and without hesitation.

“Only a few artistes who posted my son and spoke about his justice. All the others were hiding. I would wish they were real rather than hiding in the gospel and music industry. Support your person without hiding,” Wacuka appealed.

She emphasized her desire to uncover the truth behind her son’s death, demanding justice and closure.

The grieving mother continues to seek answers and seeks the support of the public and authorities to uncover the truth surrounding her son’s tragic demise.

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In an interview with Massawe Japanni, DJ Fatxo detailed the circumstances leading up to Jeff’s death at his residence on February 22, 2023, after they had spent the day together.

The DJ also revealed that Jeff appeared visibly troubled around midnight while they were enjoying themselves at a venue along Thika Road.

In an interview with Nairobi News in March, veteran musician Ben Githae denied claims that musicians were contributing toward DJ Fatxo’s legal expenses after he was linked to the death.

Githae clarified that most of the artists he had spoken to about the allegations have denied being part of any group.

“We are not affiliated with any group formed to raise funds for DJ Fatxo’s legal fees. Such claims are merely propaganda. However, we are advocating for justice, which should always be accompanied by the truth,” he stated during the interview.

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