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Hypocrites! Pauline Njoroge on Kelvin Kinuthia’s visit to ‘holy’ State House

Kenyan cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia, a voluptuous man who enjoys dressing up and behaving like a woman, was among several guests of the state at the launch of the Talanta Hela programme at State House Nairobi on Friday evening.

Invitations were sent out to guests and the who is who of Kenya’s creative industry showed up at the event. Since then, several creatives from across the country, including Kelvin, have been posting photos of themselves on State House grounds.

“The Ministry of Youth Affairs, Arts and Sports cordially invites (name of creative withheld) to the official launch of Talanta Hela, Friday 09 June, 4-7pm. Venue: State House Kenya. Theme: Made in Kenya,” the invitation card reads.

Dressed in a red pant suit, a black top, high heels and plaited hair paired with manicured fingers, makeup and jewelry, Kelvin came across as a female as he stood next to a red carpet outside the iconic State House buildings.

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This photo trended on social media since Kelvin posted it as Kenyans wondered what his particular talent is to warrant an invitation to the launch of Talanta Hela programme.

Mr Kinuthia is a content creator on YouTube and often posts on other social media sites as well. He mainly posts videos of himself dancing like a woman, cooking, upgrading his home furnishings and simply feminine fashion styles.

As Kenyans continued questioning his presence at State House, Jubilee Party allied blogger Pauline Njoroge castigated President Ruto and his wife, Rachel, for being hypocrites.

“State House is the House of the people… all people of Kenya including those whose said talent we don’t understand. So I have no problem with this person (Kinuthia) being there. But when I remember the hypocrisy of Ruto and Rachel… How they asked intercessors to go round the compound praying in tongues so as to exorcise demons and cleanse the place, because in their opinion it was previously occupied by very sinful and evil people, I just laugh out loudly. They even called it the Kenyan altar,” the blogger wrote.

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“Anyway, I have a problem with something in this photo… the cabro! It makes State House look like a very cheap place. Immediately they got into office, they removed the tarmac and I have been wondering, was that part of exorcising demons? Maybe…,” she went on.

The First Family say they are born again Christians and the queer community has no place in Kenya. First Lady Rachel Ruto even declared war against homosexuality in defense of the family unit because LGBTQ+ is forbidden in the Bible.

“We want to strengthen the family institution where we have a father, a mother and children. LGBTQ is forbidden even in the Bible and the African culture. Let us hold on to family values. I would like us to pray on matters of family. The family has become an institution that has been very much attacked,” said the First Lady said on March 2023.

In September 2022, the Rutos invited 40 religious leaders at State House and had them pray over the compound to cleanse it before the new first family could move into the premises.

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