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‘I almost didn’t audition!’ Cimberly Wanyonyi wins Swedish Idol

The 19th season of Swedish Idol has crowned its latest champion, and the victor is none other than Cimberly Wanyonyi, an 18-year-old sensation from Skellefteå. Celebrating her success with the release of the winner’s single, ‘Won’t Be Sorry,’ Cimberly has left an indelible mark on the long-running singing talent show.

However, the road to triumph was far from smooth. Cimberly’s journey almost took a different turn when she faced the possibility of missing the crucial audition in Luleå due to a car breakdown.

“My mom was supposed to drive me to Luleå, but the car broke down,” Cimberly revealed. Arriving at the audition, she was met with disappointment as the Idol production team informed her that they were closed, suggesting she audition next year.

Crushed by the missed opportunity, Cimberly poured her heart and soul into the chance that seemed to slip away.

An unexpected twist in the tale occurred when one of the “Idol Moms” witnessed the tearful girl standing in front of the just-closed doors.

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Kenyan teen singer Cimberly Wanyonyi, who won the 2023 Swedish Idol. PHOTO| COURTESY

Determined to help, she intervened, ensuring that Cimberly got her shot at the audition. In a short time, the aspiring singing star from Skellefteå found herself standing before the judges, ready to showcase her talent.

Competing against approximately 100 contestants in Stockholm, Cimberly faced nerve-wracking moments.

Before her final solo audition in front of the judges and the audience, judge Katia Mosally locked eyes with her, expressing a desire to see Cimberly shine.

“I figured I had nothing to lose; either I was all in or I was out. I wanted to impress them and give them a taste of what was to come,” Cimberly recounted.

Her determination and talent left the judges in awe, securing her place in the competition and setting the stage for her eventual victory.

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The resilience displayed by Cimberly in the face of adversity makes her triumph in Swedish Idol even more remarkable.

In her heartfelt post, Cimberly wrote, “Skellefteå, I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve taken the whole day trying to grasp what happened on Friday, December 1. Last night, my life changed forever. About exactly 24 hours ago, I was standing and singing in the Avicii Arena. Just such a thing, I never thought would happen. And now I’ve won?! It’s completely insane. Can’t really believe it.”

Struggling to articulate her feelings, Cimberly went on to describe her immense gratitude for the transformative journey she had experienced.

Reflecting on her Idol adventure, she acknowledged that the journey began as unexpectedly as it concluded. The singer emphasized that her life had already changed the day she stepped into her audition and fought to be there. That moment marked the beginning of shaping her future, making the duration of the Idol competition inconsequential.

“Thank you to all the lovely messages, everyone who voted, and all of you who supported. Not just my family and friends and my city, people who don’t even know me but have seen how much this means to me. Thank you for letting me be myself, and that you liked me for who I am; there’s no finer response than that. You have been there during some of the happiest and heaviest weeks of my life. I have so much love for you ❤️,” she expressed.

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Cimberly extended her gratitude to everyone she encountered during the journey, from the judges to fellow participants, and all those behind the scenes who contributed to making the program magical. She referred to them as a newfound family that would forever hold a special place in her heart.

Closing her message, Cimberly thanked her fellow finalist Saga, expressing anticipation for witnessing her shine as the star she is. With a heart full of appreciation, she conveyed her heartfelt thanks to everyone, signaling the beginning of a brand new chapter.

“Now begins something entirely new,” Cimberly concluded, hinting at the exciting journey that awaits her post-Swedish Idol victory.