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I am addicted to gambling, says Corazon

Nairobi’s newest socialite has gone public about her addiction to gambling.

In an exclusive interview with NairobiNews, Corazon Kwamboka revealed the great lengths she goes to in order to fund her addiction.

“One thing people do not know about me is that I love gambling and my favourite game is the roulette. I use the money I get from the modelling jobs I do,” she confessed.

The 23-year-old revealed how she spent long hours in casinos especially during the weekends. Casino experts say to win a game of roulette one needs to put a bet of Sh10,000 and if luck is on your side you can win upto Sh100,000 but if you are not lucky then you can blow upto Sh150,000 a night on the game.

Ms Kwamboka, a student at the Kenya Law School, maintained that she had no regrets using her voluptuous figure to attract publicity.

Social media

This is after images of a skimpily dressed Kwamboka went viral on social media.

‘I am a voluptuous model, fun, loving and a dare devil. My bum is genetic; my mother’s side are blessed with such figures and that is how I got mine,” she bragged.

Asked whether her image as a socialite will not affect, if not altogether jeopardize her career as a lawyer, Ms Kwamboka retorted: “Not at all, I am who I am, if anything, I want to become an entertainment and intellectual lawyer so that I can defend socialites.”

She denied rumours that she had quit her studies at the Kenya Law School to pursue a career as a socialite.

“People can talk about anything but the truth of the matter is that I am still in school,” she said.

Born in Uganda, Kwamboka grew up in Kisumu and only came to Nairobi in 2008 when she was admitted to the University of Nairobi’s Law school.

Financial support

She admitted that she makes her money by modelling apart from the financial support she gets from her father.

Kwamboka could not however reveal how much she gets from her modelling jobs, only maintaining that it was enough to sustain her fancy lifestyle.

“I think people attack me because I am curvy. I love myself and I love what I do,” she stated.

She revealed how she was bullied by her colleagues in high school because of her curvy figure.

“I even tried to shed weight to avoid the bullying but it did not just work, my curves are natural.”

The bullying helped her to develop thick skin and know how to deal with the obvious stares she gets when walking in the streets.

“The pictures I took were not for publicity stunts and I know when people get to know me better they will see the type of person I am,” she said.