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I am broke! TikTok ‘President’ Nyako begs for support to pay rent and bills

Popular TikTok personality Rose Atieno, widely known as Nyako, has reached out to her followers for financial assistance, citing a dire situation after her PayPal account was allegedly blocked.

The Germany-based digital content creator shared the distressing news on her TikTok page, revealing that she cannot pay her rent and is facing financial hardship.

Nyako explained that she encountered difficulties accessing her bank accounts and transferring funds due to a complaint filed against her on PayPal by an anonymous user identified only as ‘Absolute.’

The complaint reportedly led to a negative balance in her PayPal account, hindering her ability to settle her pending rent.

“I had some money from TikTok on my PayPal account, and I wanted to transfer the money so I can pay my rent tomorrow, kuingia kwa PayPal iko minus. Pesa zangu za TikTok zimeenda( all my TikTok money is gone.),” lamented Nyako.

“I am flat broke with no way to fend for my children and pay rent.”

To secure financial support from her followers, Nyako decided to share her PayPal account details so those willing to assist could send contributions.

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She reassured her supporters that she usually helped people in need and emphasised her commitment to ensuring her well-being.

“If anybody is willing to support me, I will place my PayPal account here. I usually help out people when they need my help. It is only me that I will ensure myself. I am good.

So, my followers, anyone who loves me, I will come back in the evening, and you can support me however you can so that I can pay back Absolute on PayPal so that I can be a free person here on TikTok.

So that I pay my rent and start looking for contracts to take care of myself. Those who will support will support,” urged Nyako.

Providing more context to the situation, she detailed a phone call with her bank, where she discovered her money was gone and her account was in the negative, owing PayPal approximately sh 249,672.

According to Nyako, the complaint against her was filed by ‘Absolute Traveller,’ who had also reportedly reached out to the German government for her to start paying taxes.

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