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I am his ‘second wife’! TikToker Trisha Khalid on dating married government official

By Winnie Mabel December 16th, 2022 2 min read

A little over a year ago, Kove actress Trisha Khalid trended online when she was exposed on tea master Edgar Obare’s pages for dating a government official.

The expose came after one of the official’s four children came to Edgar with receipts, saying that Khalid was destroying their home and despite confronting her, Khalid allegedly told them she would not be leaving the man any time soon and the soft life he was providing for her.

TikTok star Trisha Khalid
TikTok star Trisha Khalid

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Fast forward to 2022, the TikToker with 1.8 million followers sat down to an interview with a local media house in which she opened up about the many facets of her life.

One of these facets was about her dating a married Kenyan government official and how she considered herself his second wife.

“Most of the story was cooked up. And the fact that I never spoke up about it…I was never given a chance to explain. Which I don’t think I was supposed to explain myself to anybody because I’m not the first girl to have dated a married man.

TikTok star Trisha Khalid
TikTok star Trisha Khalid

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So many girls are doing that out there and the fact that he himself was okay with that and I was okay with that and mpaka sahii tuko tu sawa (until now we are faring on well) so I see nothing wrong with that kwa sababu si waIslamu wanaoa upto (because aren’t  Muslims are allowed to marry up to) four wives?” said Khalid despite confirming that the man is not Muslim.

She further insisted that there are ladies dating married men and the only difference between them and her was that their relationship hadn’t been exposed to the public probably because they aren’t as famous as she is.

TikTok star Trisha Khalid
TikTok star Trisha Khalid

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“They were actually pointing fingers and calling me names for something they were doing but behind closed doors. That was okay. I say everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” added Khalid as she further revealed that she considers herself this man’s second wife.

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